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Grace to glory


As the  President and Chief Executive Officer of JDCExec International, I am currently based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. 

When asked I would say that leadership comes naturally to me and I thoroughly enjoy imparting my knowledge to others. So much so, that my curiosity and passion lead me to complete my MBA in Leadership and Sustainability in 2015 at the University of Cumbria. 

In my latest journey, I am utilising both my leadership skills as well as expert skills in Water Process & Energy Management in supporting interested parties with; External Analyses, Strategic Alternatives by Subsector / Region, Sustainability Strategist, Value proposition description, New business models description, Strategic Choices – Growth drivers, Resources and investments required to execute proposed business models, Risk assessment, Change Management and Training – on-line or face-to-face.


This book is introductory to give a brief understanding of how resourceful leadership can positively influence the relationships between members and the growth of a community.  It is a leadership framework and model applicable in transitional community churches in foreign countries. After an introduction concerning the history of the United Arab Emirates and an explanation of the huge expatriate community, approximately 200 nationalities live in a relatively small country.

We have been fortunate to be two of the five percent of South Africans who have lived in the United Arab Emirates for longer than five years. Experiencing the Tolerance Policy of the United Arab Emirates leadership and the “family concept” of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Afrikaans community church makes us feel privileged. Home, away from home.

This book is written to showcase the Dubai Afrikaans Community Church as an example of leadership skills and strategies highlighting the characteristics of an Afrikaans-speaking community living in a global remit.

Nellie is a global leader, coach, mentor and subject matter expert in the Water and Power industries. She understands the challenges and provides the reader with knowledge on how to expel in leadership strategies and procedures in any field and community. Her firm belief in God and need to support people in enriching themselves inspired her to author this book.  Every person needs to feel comfortable being uncomfortable with a smile.

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